Code of Conduct

Rules and Regulations are put in place to direct the daily operations in the school as well as guide the conduct of the pupils and staff.


a)    RESUMPTION: Pupils are expected to resume school at or before 7:45am.
b)    DRESS CODE: Pupils are expected to come to school dressed in the appropriate school uniform dress code on a daily basis. They are to be neatly and smartly dressed always.
c)    ASSIGNMENT/HOME-WORK/PROJECTS: All assignments, home-work and projects given to pupils should be done and submitted as at when due.
d)    FIGHTING: Fighting amongst pupils is highly prohibited and attracts serious consequences.
e)    USE OF RIGHT LANGUAGE: Pupils are expected to speak in the right diction always. Use of vernacular, abusive and indecent language is highly prohibited.


a)    All staff is expected to resume work by 7:00am, latest
7:30am daily.
b)    Seeking permission from work should be made known to the Management in writing not earlier than two (2) weeks before the date for consideration.
c)    Quarrelling in school is highly prohibited.
d)    Fighting is highly prohibited and attracts serious consequences.
e)    Sleeping on duty is prohibited.
f)    No lessons must be missed, this will attract deductions from salary and appropriate consequences
g)    Unnecessary discussions either physically or on phone during working hours is not allowed.
h)    All staff is expected to exhibit a high level of cleanliness, orderliness and ability to work as a team.
i)    All staff is expected to work in an atmosphere of peace, love and unity.
j)    All staff should be willing to carry out other tasks as may be assigned by Management from time to time.
k)    Any staff willing to resign his/her appointment must give one (1) month notice in writing or forfeit one (1) month salary which will be deducted in the first few months of employment.
l)    Use of abusive, vernacular or indecent language on pupils is prohibited.
m)    Spanking or flogging of pupils is prohibited.

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